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SCD Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

This week there was a stream of gorgeous fall pastry photography on FriendFeed, and I got an itch to find a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Muffins that adhere to the SCD diet. I found a promising one right away and modified it a bit so that it was closer to my other successful muffin recipes.

First off, there’s supposed to be some shortage of canned pumpkin because of a bad crop in ’08? I couldn’t find canned pumpkin when I stopped at Sprouts on my way home, so instead I bought one of those adorable little sugar pumpkins they stock specifically for pie-making. I’ve never made my own fresh pumpkin, but it was easy. Not as easy as popping open a can of Libby’s, but it wasn’t difficult. Just takes about 45 minutes of baking time, a cookie sheet, some tin foil, and some cheese cloth to squeeze the extra water from the cooked pumpkin. I felt like a real Pilgrim!

I ate a spoonful of the orange mush I had created just, and it tasted like…drumroll…absolutely nothing. It tasted like the definition of pablum. Pumpkin pie is really all about the spices, not the pumpkin.